With EduMaker you can promote and sell your online programs
Create your own course and sell it to our current or perspective platform users.
Services in promotion and sale of your educational programs
Advertisement of your distance learning courses on our selling aggregator website www.dpo.online.

Development and customisation of your website, set up for online advertising and marketing channels.

Our sales department, working throughout Russia and the CIS countries, will help you to reach out to your potential customers.
Sale of your educational content
If you have a complete online program or you are ready to become a content developer for training programs (lectures, video lectures, presentations, or any other educational materials), EduMaker.ru can sell it.

Materials can be uploaded in Word, Pdf, Txt, Jpg, PPP, Video, Exl and other formats.

The platform is also designed for educational organizations looking for teachers and authors for courses and individual academic disciplines.

Your content will be listed in an extensive catalog of our platform library
Latest technologies
You can train up to 3,000 people at the same time on any Internet computer device. Materials can be viewed, downloaded and saved. User access is secure and unique.
Conduct webinars and online examinations! Include such features as testing and translation of practical exercises.
Functionality and simplicity
Manage access for students, moderators, administrators and teachers, check test tasks, get statistics on amount of views and class attendance!
24/7 technical support
Experts of our technical support are there to help you solve any issue within an hour, they will also help you learn how to use all the platform features.